Cycle Mechanic Standards

For the last 10 years, the team at Inovaplus have been involved with the development and training of Cycle Mechanic Apprentices.

Whilst there are a variety of training options, such as City & Guilds, Cytech and other similar qualifications, there have been variations in these standards, with some carrying more recognition that others. Also whilst a Cycle Mechanic Apprenticeship standard existed, it was out of date and not meeting the needs of cycle shops and particularly cycle hire schemes due to new  technologies arriving on the market. 

Working across the whole cycling sector, Inovaplus worked through a cycle refurbishment charity to develop consensus on the updated standards that were needed. These were introduced during 2019 and now form the basis of the current Cycle Mechanic Apprenticeships delivered across the UK. Now the standard has been in operation for almost 5 years, it is due for well needed review.

New standards are in development again due to market changes. The introduction of a wide variety of e-bikes in recent years with differing technologies has highlighted the need for specialist skills development in the maintenance of these types of cycles. Thus a panel is being drawn together from various industry representatives to develop a proposal for an e-Bike Mechanic Apprenticeship.

Likewise, whilst all competent mechanics are familiar with the M-check, there is such variation from one establishment to another, it is to all intents and purpose a useless. gauge of the quality or safety of a bicycle due to its inconsistent application. Working with a bicycle refurbishment charity over the past 10 years, Inovaplus have refined the humble M-check into a comprehensive and rigorous quality system verify the safety of any bicycle..

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Cycle Mechanic Apprenticeship

Find out more about the current Cycle Mechanic Apprenticeship, click on the link above.:

IF you feel you can contribute the review of the current Apprenticeship, use our contact form to send us your details.

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E-bike Mechanic Apprenticeship

The new e-Bike Mechanic Apprenticeship is a work in progress. This is currently a closed consultation group by invitation only.

If you are already part of the group, you can access the current draft documents and proposals using the Login panel below.

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Bicycle Safety Quality Standard

Click on the link above to access the BSQS documentation and forms.

If you would like training or support implementing the BSQS in your organisation, use out contact for to send us your details.

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